22 May 2024

WEG Motor Scan concept

Know more about WEG’s news about Industry 4.0


WEG Motor Scan is a performance monitoring solution for the electric motors of the factory, ensuring the level of excellence via predictive analysis. The data is extracted and sent to the cloud allowing preventive actions and avoiding risks of unplanned downtimes. The industry will never be the same again.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as it is called, emerges as a natural way to increase the sector’s competitiveness through digital technologies that comprise Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things and Internet of Services, which tend to make the processes of increasingly efficient, autonomous and customizable.

Always on the cutting edge of innovation and technology, WEG has created WEG Motor Scan, an easy-to-install sensor for WEG motors that analyzes motor performance, avoiding downtime reduction and production losses. The sensor picks up data from the motor, sends it to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® or Gateway and directs through wi-fi all the information to the cloud, which stores the data and transmits it to the WEG IoT Platform, where it can be accessed on desktops or other smart devices.

It is industry 4.0 that came to revolutionize industrial processes.

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