15 Jun 2024

Vacuum pumps with communications capability

CMS HD VX multistage vacuum pumps from Coval

After the launch in 2022 of the CMS HD series of multistage vacuum pumps, COVAL has announced it is completing its offer with the VX range, a version with embedded intelligence and says it has the design pedigree of its vacuum pump ranges, which combine operating power, robustness, modularity, compactness and communication.

The company says the multi-stage vacuum generation technology ensures that the CMS HD VX vacuum pumps have a high suction flow rate, up to 1600 Nl/min, as well as silent operation and reduced air consumption. They are particularly suitable for handling porous parts such as cardboard boxes or emptying large-volume tanks.

The heavy duty design offers high resistance and a long service life even in the harsh environments (dust, oil, humidity) typical of production lines. The CMS HD VX pumps are extremely robust, with an IP65 protection rating and a service life of 50 million cycles. A contributing factor to their longevity is their modular design which allows specific configurations and targeted maintenance of specific parts to optimise the rate of repairability.

The principal enhancements to the CMS HD VX multistage vacuum pumps provide a more ergonomic user interface and permanent communication with the operations environment. The CMS HD VX multistage pumps are thus fully connected to Industry 4.0.

Above all, the design of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) has been designed with particular care, to improve information to the operator and help them react to problems more efficiently. To better facilitate operation, diagnosis and maintenance, users can more easily read and understand the status and take the appropriate actions. The 1.54″ colour LCD display is intuitive, with clear messages in 5 languages.

The IO-Link communication interface, which complies with the international standard IEC 61131-9, makes the CMS HD VX vacuum pump easy to use and allows for fast and cost-effective installation, continuous diagnostics, centralised parameterisation and efficient communication with higher-level protocols (EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, etc.).

All parameterisation and diagnostic functions are available and modifiable on mobile devices (Android and IOS) thanks to NFC technology and the dedicated COVAL Vacuum Manager application. This pairing makes it easy to copy parameters from one pump to another and makes it possible to store up to 5 different parameter configurations.

The application also allows the user to benefit from technical support from COVAL experts at any time, based on the data transmitted.

Company info: Coval