19 Jul 2024

User interface for power quality studies

Straightforward user interface for power quality studies

Fluke says its 1770 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analysers are engineered with a unique automatic measurement capture system that ensures customers are collecting the right data every time, while still giving the flexibility to select and adjust specific parameters for the system being worked on.

The company says with the detailed PQ logging and analysis function, these analysers take the complexity out of conducting power quality studies by guiding customers through the setup process step-by-step.

Conducting an accurate power quality study can be a difficult task. It requires a significant investment of time and staff resources, and it is essential to have consistent and accurate data to conduct a thorough analysis.

Fluke says the 1770 Series provides a faster, easier way to perform power quality studies, saving time and enabling customers to capture the right power measurements.

Company info: Fluke UK