24 Jul 2024

Ultra-low-power devices for high speed communication

Partnership announcement Silicon Line x KFEU

Silicon Line and Kaga Fei Europe have announced they have signed a distribution agreement regarding Silicon Line’s ultra-low-power devices for high speed communication of video and imaging data.

Besides supporting standard interfaces like USB, DisplayPort, HDMI and MIPI, Silicon Line says it is also offering general purpose solutions for data rates up to 64Gbps. When using the components within an active optical cable, the Silicon Line products enable EMI-free high-speed video/data transmission over a much longer distance combined with a small cable diameter, allowing easier cable routing. Since many target applications like drones, XR products, and body cameras are battery-powered, the extremely low power consumption and the small footprint of the Silicon Line products are additional benefits.

“By adding Silicon Line to our product portfolio, we now have more options to help customers solve their engineering challenges when it comes to flexible high data rate communication. On the one hand, we have complete cables utilising Silicon Line technology and now we can help when custom solutions are required as well. Especially for MIPI, which hasn’t been specified with longer range communication in mind, the Silicon Line products offer a unique possibility to improve or even enable new developments.” answered Dr. Klaus-Peter Dyck, Director Marketing & Application of KFEU, when asked about customer benefits resulting from this partnership.

Mr. Jerome Py, CEO of Silicon Line mentioned his motivations for entering this partnership: “Over the last months, we have seen increasing market opportunities in Europe and strong customer interest for our ultra-low power MIPI interconnect ICs, particularly in drones, medical imaging, security and industrial machine vision, fueled by increased camera resolutions and by the need for higher bandwidth requirements. KAGA FEI Europe brings a proven track record in our targeted markets and also brings solid technical expertise, which is instrumental for our customer experience. Their existing product lines fit perfectly with Silicon Line and I am really excited about this partnership and bringing more value and services to our customers.”

Company info: KAGA FEI EUROPE