21 May 2024

The power of programmable lights

Programmable lighting

Smart Machines & Factories takes a closer look at Turck Banner’s programmable lighting solutions.

Efficiency and adaptability are key for industrial distribution and machinery operations.  Imagine a scenario where distributors need to stock only one model of tower light, end users hold only one spare for all machine lights, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) seamlessly accommodate all customer lighting and indication needs without modifying mechanical designs. Also, consider being a maintenance, production, or operations engineer with the power to add an extra or different style of indication to an existing machine without extra hardware. Picture being able to connect a level sensor directly to a strip light and witness the light showing the level without any PLC or programming. This scenario is not so distant, but a reality made possible by Turck Banner’s programmable lighting solutions.

Unleashing the potential of programmable lights

Turck Banner’s Pro range, consisting of Strip lights, Tower lights, Touch buttons, Indicators, and Pick-to-Light, brings a new level of versatility to industrial lighting. The programmable nature of these lights transcends traditional distinctions. Strip lights, initially designed for illumination, can now function as tower lights or indicators. Push buttons, which usually require multiple indicators for different states, can be replaced by a single illuminated touch button, streamlining the user interface.

Pro Lights boast the ability to display 12 standard colours or any colour using RGB values. They can showcase animations such as flashing, rotation, light intensity variations, and multiple colours within one segment. The individual control of segments allows for dynamic displays, providing unparalleled flexibility in conveying information.

The manufacturer says that programming these lights is easy with the free Pro Editor software. Configurations are stored within the light and can be activated via hard-wired connections, PLC, IO-Link, or Modbus. The dynamic control allows for prioritising indication states, adapting to various operational scenarios. The cost may be slightly higher than non-programmable lights, but the potential savings in spares, stock holding, and the elimination of multiple lights and indicators outweigh the initial investment.

Reliability and longevity

Banner, with over 50 years of experience in developing LEDs and industrial housings, ensures the reliability of their lighting products. The technology applied guarantees a product life of over 50,000 hours, even in the harshest conditions. All housings are designed for industry, with a protection class of IP65 to IP69K. The robust design allows these LED lights to be positioned closer to harsh environments, providing superior illumination and reducing power consumption.

Tailored solutions

Recognising that not everyone may want to program their lights, Banner offers standard configurations. Customisation options include pre-programmed colours, logic, and control to reduce setup time and simplify installation. The extensive customisation capabilities cover connectivity, custom marking, kitting and bulk packaging, and even custom branding.

Simplifying operations with customisation

Banner’s customisation capabilities simplify equipment installation, reduce setup time and costs, and ensure proper installation. Pre-programmed colours and logic reduce setup complexity, and custom versions of lights can be created with the exact configuration for each machine. Connectivity options with pre-installed connectors save installation time and improve reliability. Custom marking enhances operator performance, and kitting and bulk packaging streamline deployments.


Turck Banner’s programmable lighting solutions are not just about illumination; they are about changing the way we interact with industrial equipment. Whether you opt for the programmable Pro Lights or non-programmable options, Turck Banner says it promises to provide cost-effective solutions while contributing to sustainability objectives. The future of industrial lighting is here, and it’s programmable, customisable, and designed to meet the diverse needs of modern industries.

Company info: Turck Banner