25 Jun 2024

The future of maintenance

At maintenance Dortmund, visitors can try out the Virtual Fitter at the trade show booth.

Schaeffler has announced it is showcasing its comprehensive range of products, services and solutions in the fields of mounting, condition monitoring and bearing remanufacturing with its Lifetime Solutions portfolio at maintenance in Dortmund, Booth 4-C30. The focus is on services for customers who wish to ensure the functional capability and increase the operating life of their bearings and machines.

“Maintenance teams face a variety of challenges in ensuring the smooth operation of their machines,” says Sebastian Mergler, Head of Product Marketing Schaeffler Lifetime Solutions, and adds: “Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence are important tools for modern maintenance, but our customers still want to have a ‘real’ partner at their side. At maintenance, we are therefore showing our wide-ranging service portfolio and focusing on a combination of digital solutions and personal consultation with, for example, our Virtual Fitter.”

Around 10 to 20% of all bearing failures are caused by incorrect assembly and dismounting, so accurate maintenance work is essential. For this reason, Schaeffler says it added the Virtual Fitter to its Mounting Service portfolio at the end of 2023. With the aid of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, Schaeffler’s global experts can provide assistance in the mounting of rolling bearings in real time without the need to be on site. If necessary, customers can decide whether they want to use the remote mounting service instead of on-site services and immediately receive AR glasses on loan, which they can wear during the inspection of their machine.

A Schaeffler mounting technician receives a comprehensive picture of the machine’s condition via a live stream and can give specific instructions and display important information in the customer’s field of view. The remote mounting service saves up to 50% of the costs compared to an on-site service and enables faster knowledge transfer to the customer.

At its booth, Schaeffler says it is also presenting the ECO-Adapt product range, which allows customers to monitor their electric powertrain and its energy consumption. In addition to OPTIME condition monitoring, which enables predictive maintenance based on the signal analysis of vibration and temperature data, the product PredictAdapt provides condition-related information based on the analysis of electrical signals. In this way, Schaeffler says it has expanded its range of monitoring services to include electrical condition monitoring and minimised the risk of failure of electric components. PowerAdapt also provides information about energy consumption, not only on rotating electrical machinery.

The condition of rolling bearings has a significant influence on the entire production process. Condition monitoring solutions therefore play a central role. At the trade show booth, interested parties can learn all about the services provided by Schaeffler experts in the field of condition monitoring, from remote diagnosis to determining the cause of machine problems using various measurement methods directly on the machine and using endoscopes. Visitors to the booth can also find out about the numerous advantages of bearing reconditioning through remanufacturing services. The remanufacturing of existing bearings allows CO2 emissions to be reduced by up to 95% compared to new bearings, as well as savings in terms of material and energy and enables a high degree of flexibility to be achieved through short delivery times.



Company info: Schaeffler Group