14 Jun 2024

The best of both worlds with augmented AI

Qualisense AI

QualiSense customers now have exclusive access to QSort — a new application that allows for an even faster implementation of quality inspection systems. The augmented AI expert’s new application allows users to automatically sort huge amounts of untagged data quickly and efficiently to facilitate in AI model creation.

QSort automatically understands what constitutes a good part, and scans untagged data to create a pool of potential defects. Out of the potential defects, the app selects and clusters more interesting cases, which are then passed to the user for feedback. This feedback is then used to improve the app’s understanding of a good product, allowing it to continue adjusting and optimising its ability to sort data.

While there are many AI solutions for quality inspection on the market, most still require manual sorting of data during model creation. An experienced employee will sort on average 3000 images per day but, with QSort, this can be done in just 10 minutes. When this is considered across multiple stations, the value is clearly higher as more cameras are involved. In fact, it means that a typical plant that spends 160 days sorting data on an average new inspection cell, this can be reduced using Qsort to just two days, making it 80 times faster.

An additional value that QSort provides is a consistent sorting across all images eliminating the human factor in the sorting process. Inconsistent data is a major risk when building AI models and keeping the data consistent is a major advantage that increases the accuracy of the model generated.

Johnson Electric, a global leader in motion technology, is one of the first to benefit from QSort. In September 2023, QualiSense signed a five-year deal with the manufacturing leader to become the preferred software vendor for AI-based inspection and quality control.

Dr. Kenneth KC Chan, Head of C&S Technology, Machine and Services at Johnson Electric, commented: “Using QSort by QualiSense, we can process thousands of images in minutes, reducing the amount of time taken on this tedious task and creating high quality models that reflect our business. This is a huge advantage to roll out more inspection systems, faster than ever before.”

“This is a huge step in our vision of building a product that enables human-in-the-loop AI model creation,” explained Erez Tsur, CEO and co-founder of QualiSense. “QSort is based on machine-human interaction, where the machine is automating the tedious task for the quality controller while the quality controller is guiding the machine according to their knowledge and experience. This is what augmented AI is all about — keeping the best of both worlds, AI working for the quality manager.”

QSort is now available for QualiSense customers as part of its quality inspection offering. For more information, visit https://qualisense.ai/.