19 Jul 2024

Temperature transmitters equipped with Modbus RTU output and galvanic isolation

Head-mounted temperature transmitters with Modbus RTU output

Temperature is a key indicator in many industrial processes. Based on this principle, Tekon Electronics has announced it has developed two new head-mounted transmitters focused on acquiring the signal from various types of sensors (RTD, thermocouples, linear resistances and linear voltages) with signal output in Modbus RTU, a protocol widely used in the industry.

With this new equipment, the number of temperature monitoring/measurement solutions for process installation with Modbus RTU output has increased to three. The new transmitters THM502-I and THM602-I are an evolution of the THM501-I transmitter with Modbus RTU output and have increased the type of sensors supported as well as improvements in measurement accuracy and EMC performance.

Comparative Table | THM502-I & THM602-I


ModelSensor InputOther Features
THM502-IRTD (PT100, PT500 and PT1000)
Linear Resistances
1,5 kV AC Galvanic Isolation
Modbus RTU output via RS485
Configurable Modbus parameters
High accuracy and low resolution
-20ºC to 80ºC operating environment
THM602-IThermocouples (C, J, K, N, R, S and T)
Linear Voltage


The new transmitters are designed to simplify commissioning, on-site diagnostics and maintenance. The interface incorporates operational status diagnostic LEDs that provide communications and sensor status information. It also incorporates a button to enter configuration mode, without the need to restart the equipment.



Company info: Tekon Electronics