22 May 2024

Teleoperated control of transport robots

ek robotics demonstrates prototypes for teleoperated control of transport robots

ek robotics has announced it has expanded its product portfolio with the Robot Operations Centre (ROC). The company says with ROC, tasks that could not previously be fully automated in a process-safe manner can be solved using teleoperation and artificial intelligence.

The ROC is a command centre for remote access to automated guided vehicles (AGVs), in which a teleoperator is surrounded by several monitors and operates a comprehensive environment and status monitoring system of the transport robot.

The control takes place via steering wheel, pedals and joysticks. For optimal and latency-free communication between operator and transport robot, very good network coverage and a high bandwidth for the transmission of control and video signals are required.

The vehicle components consist of high-resolution cameras, optical sensors and an on-board unit that enables remote control via WLAN or 5G campus networks. The company says ROC achieves another step toward process-safe automation of tasks that automated guided vehicles (AGVs) have not yet been able to learn and perform themselves. The primary goal is to align the capability spectrum of automated forklifts with those of human operators in order to realise even greater automation potential. This requires self-learning systems with simultaneously high process reliability.

The use of teleoperation in borderline areas of automation ensures the necessary process reliability for the user and at the same time forms the data basis for the functions of complete automation to be learned. In this way, transport robots can learn from human actions of teleoperators, develop new capabilities and further increase the overall automation potential.

AGVs are an integral part of sustainable, process-optimised intralogistics. They ensure optimised internal material flows and more efficient processes in production, warehouse and distribution centres. Transport robots from ek robotics can perform high transport services fully autonomously and can be used in 24h operation 365 days a year.

In very large AGV systems, fast remote access to the vehicles is possible via the teleoperator in order to be able to react quickly to malfunction situations without having to leave the workplace in the command centre. Automated outdoor vehicles can be manually controlled from the ROC in the event of difficult weather conditions or disruptions caused by plant traffic. The ROC will use teleoperation and artificial intelligence to push the boundaries of future automation.



Company info: ek robotics