24 Jul 2024

Technology expansion

EtherCAT Technology Group surpasses 3,000 members in Asia and 1,000 in America

The continuous growth of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) is showing no signs of slowing down. Currently, the organisation reports it has over 3,000 members in Asia and over 1,000 in America, and has achieved significant new milestones. A substantial 42% of the total membership comes from Asia, which is nearly on a par with the number from Europe. ETG says with figures like these, it is clear that the Asian members are playing a major role in driving overall growth.

Martin Rostan, Executive Director of the EtherCAT Technology Group explains: “This growth in membership reflects the acceptance of EtherCAT in the market. EtherCAT has firmly established itself as the leading communication technology in the realm of automation technology – and not just in China. Its performance is exceptional, it is easy to use, and cost-effective, and these factors have propelled EtherCAT to become the system bus of choice for the majority of Asian control manufacturers.

“This makes adopting our technology a logical decision for sensor, I/O, and drive providers. Users benefit from its openness and a wider range of providers and products than any other system. Remarkably, despite already being the largest fieldbus organisation for years, our growth shows no signs of slowing down.”

ETG says over in the Americas, absolute growth is driven by the most populous nation – the United States – while Canada boasts an even higher membership density relative to its population. What’s more, ETG members from the five largest Latin American countries are contributing significantly to the expansion of this technology in a region where user demand holds more sway than that of automation technology manufacturers. According to the organisation’s regulations, only legal entities such as companies and universities are eligible for ETG membership.