24 Jul 2024

Sustainable plant refit project

adi Group Partners with First Milk on Project

A division of multidisciplinary engineering firm adi Group, adi Mechanical, has announced it recently partnered with dairy cooperative, First Milk, as part of a plant refit project which involved removing and repurposing a large number of items on behalf of PPML.

adi Mechanical says through its dedicated Lift and Shift team, it successfully managed the project from start to finish, acting as a single point of contact for the client.

Well-known for having pioneered a unique turnkey engineering approach, the firm says it regularly manages large-scale end-to-end projects, providing cost-effective solutions that minimise risks and improve return on investment.

The plant refit was carried out as part of First Milk’s new partnership with a dairy ingredients business, which will see it producing a specialist whey protein powder, catering to consumer demand for high-quality protein-enriched products.

As a result, the company’s capital equipment at its Cumbrian facility was no longer required. However, it still held large value.

Promoting the message that regenerative thinking can future-proof our soils, farms, and communities, First Milk says it works to produce the highest quality dairy products whilst also having a positive impact on the world.

For all parties, it was vital that the equipment be re-purposed, preventing it from being scrapped, and therefore ensuring an environmentally friendly outcome to the process.

Speaking of the details of the project, Hamish Taylor, Machinery Installations & Removals Divisional Manager, commented: “The equipment was surveyed and match-marked to allow re-installation in a timely manner, with all pipework, pumps and tanks removed before the main evaporator removal.

“This was achieved via a 1000 t crane, which created added complications due to its size, with further problems caused by a local railway line governing where lifts could and couldn’t take place. However, we were able to work around these issues to keep the project going with no delays.

“The lifts ranged from a 1.5 tonne ducting to a gargantuan evaporator weighing 48 tonnes and measuring four metres across – another significant challenge.

“Additionally, the equipment was originally built before the building encased it, which meant the building had to be partially taken down before the capital equipment could be removed.”

The complete lifting process was safely planned, managed and operated from start to finish, with the equipment being securely removed and relocated.

The equipment was then sold to another manufacturing facility, providing significant resale value to the company.

Commenting on the successful outcome of the project, Ian Wilson, Project Manager at First Milk, said: “This has been one of the most challenging pieces of work I have been involved with, but the team at adi Mechanical have been a pleasure to work with.

“The combination of a lot of talented, highly skilled people with a never-say-die attitude provided us with exceptional results through and through.

“The team delivered on the full removal of our old evaporator plant safely and efficiently, all while the site continued to function during a peak production period, allowing us to keep operations running.”


Company info: adi group