12 Jul 2024

Study reveals global 5G IoT roaming connections to grow over 800% in four years

Global 5G IoT Roaming Connections to Grow over 800% in Four Years,
A new study by Juniper Research, has found the global number of 5G IoT roaming connections will rise from 15 million in 2023 to 142 million by 2027, representing over 27% of all 5G roaming connections in four years. It predicted that this growth will be driven by the acceleration of 5G standalone deployments, with intensifying roll-outs in home markets providing increased momentum and a strong value proposition for 5G standalone-specific roaming agreements.

Standalone networks provide greater network functionality over non-standalone 5G networks by leveraging next-generation network cores to provide these greater network speeds and latency to 5G IoT roaming connections; improving the value proposition of a roaming model.

The research forecast that 21% of global 5G IoT roaming connections in 2027 will be found in West Europe, despite only accounting for 5% of the global population. It identified leading efforts from operators in the region to launch 5G standalone networks as key to incentivising IoT users to implement a roaming business model, thus driving growth of IoT roaming connections.

Report Author Elisha Sudlow-Poole commented: “To further capitalise on the growth of 5G IoT roaming in West Europe, operators must form roaming agreements that leverage standalone 5G networks to improve network performance for roaming connections, and provide the same level of service when roaming as they do on home networks.”

In addition to 5G standalone-specific roaming agreements, the report urged operators to implement roaming analytics tools that leverage AI to maximise roaming revenue, as they enable operators to efficiently assess the significant amount of roaming data generated by 5G roaming connections in real-time.

The report anticipated that key verticals, such as autonomous vehicles, will necessitate these advanced roaming solutions, owing to their data-centric nature. With this, the research emphasised that roaming analytics must be integrated directly into platforms to maximise their value proposition to network operators, and enable swifter reconciliation of clearing for stakeholders.


Company info: Juniper Research