16 Jun 2024

Solutions in hazardous area environments

Clive Stanley, a Director at FX Dynamics

Extronics, a wireless communications, RTLS and RFID solutions provider, has announced its acquisition by BARTEC, a leader in industrial safety technology. The companies say this strategic merger marks a significant step forward for both of them as they combine their strengths and expertise to revolutionise digitalisation solutions in hazardous area environments.  FX Dynamics was appointed as advisor and deal intermediary to Extronics in 2022.  

Clive Stanley, a Director at FX Dynamics, said, “Right from the outset, the team at FX Dynamics had identified BARTEC as one of the leading contenders suitable to meet the requirements of Extronics. We recognised both companies’ unwavering commitment to providing state-of-the-art products and solutions that support hazardous area digitalisation to their global clientele. Hence, the combined business is poised to redefine hazardous area certified digitalisation technology and deliver unmatched value worldwide.”

John Hartley, CEO of Extronics, said, “We chose to work with FX Dynamics as our advisor and intermediary because we did not have the experience or time to do this ourselves. The Directors of FX Dynamics are also from the hazardous area industry and understand the nuances of it intimately which is important when selling a specialised niche business like ours. We are delighted with the outcome and excited to be part of BARTEC and looking forward to scaling up the business now that we are part of a much larger company.”

BARTEC says its acquisition of Extronics reinforces the shared commitment to innovation and excellence, alongside a dedication to advancing the safety of industries worldwide. Both companies say they will be able to deliver even more comprehensive and innovative digital products and solutions to their valued customers across various sectors, including oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing.


Company info: FX Dynamics