15 Jun 2024

Smart technology integration demands digital skills and investment

Smart digital skills

The increasing demand to integrate smart technology into both hydraulic and pneumatic equipment within the manufacturing sector emphasises the pressing need for new digital skills and increased governmental investment and support to help with this technological advancement. Traditionally, these systems have been pivotal in manufacturing processes, but the infusion of smart technology is reshaping their capabilities.

Through the incorporation of sensors, actuators, and advanced control systems, smart hydraulic and pneumatic equipment can optimise performance in real-time, leading to enhanced efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and minimised downtime. Predictive maintenance capabilities enable early detection of potential issues, thereby extending equipment lifespan and maximising productivity across both systems.

However, fully unlocking the potential of smart hydraulic and pneumatic technology requires substantial investment in digital skills and infrastructure. Manufacturers need proficient employees skilled in data analytics, IoT connectivity, and remote monitoring to effectively leverage these advancements. Moreover, upgrading existing equipment and implementing new digital solutions demands financial support from the government.

By allocating funding for training programmes, apprenticeships, research initiatives, and technology adoption grants, the UK government can empower manufacturers to embrace smart hydraulic and pneumatic technology. This investment will not only drive innovation and competitiveness but also create new job opportunities and stimulate economic growth.

Looking ahead, the Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week 2024 (SM&E Week) at the NEC, Birmingham, on the 5 and 6 of June, will provide a platform to delve into these advancements.

Specifically, Air-Tech and Fluid Power & Systems taking place within SM&E Week will address advancements in pneumatic and hydraulic technologies, providing visitors with insights into the latest innovations and trends shaping these crucial components and provide a crucial platform for dialogue, collaboration, and skill development, essential for navigating the evolving advance of smart technology integration in the manufacturing sector.