24 Jul 2024

Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week 2024 celebrates engineering innovation

Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week 2024

Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week 2024 saw a notable increase in attendance, attracting 13,428 participants, a 30% rise compared to 2023. The event featured a variety of activities, including interactive displays, live music, and engaging presentations, reinforcing its reputation as the UK’s largest manufacturing and engineering technology show.

Organised by The Nineteen Group, the event hosted 470 exhibitors showcasing numerous innovative products and solutions. It featured eight free-to-attend solutions theatres with over 150 presentations on topics including digital transformation, IIOT and connectivity, and industrial data. The event also included practical workshops by the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge, and displays in the Made Smarter Innovation Showcase and Start-Up Zone.

The co-location of Drives & Controls contributed to the record attendance. The event included various activities such as JJA Snack’s working chocolate factory and Fanuc’s world skills qualifiers for industrial robotics, engaging attendees throughout the day.

Jon Morris, Marketing Manager from ifm, remarked on the continued activity even after official hours, indicating high engagement levels. The event’s summits, including the Manufacturing Digitalisation Summit, the Industrial Data & AI Summit, and the Automation & Robotics Accelerator Symposium, provided forums for in-depth discussions on industry-specific topics.

The Marketing to Manufacturers Breakfast drew significant interest, highlighting government funding for manufacturers. Other notable activities included Enginuity’s 10th Annual Skills Awards and the Top 100 Awards, celebrating excellence and innovation in the sector.

In addition, the STEM programme featured institutions such as Coventry University, promoting engineering careers to students through interactive displays and discussions. New visitor trails allowed attendees to explore themed stands and innovative projects, enhancing their learning and networking opportunities.

Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week says it aims to connect buyers with sellers, and according to Malcolm Greenhill from Charter Controls, it succeeded in attracting high-quality visitors, including many from large end users. The event has scheduled its core dates for the 2025 exhibition on June 4th and 5th. Notably, the 2024 event maintained its carbon-neutral status by adding more trees to the Nineteen Group Forest to offset its carbon footprint.

Company info: Smart Futures