14 Jun 2024

Sensors tailored for 3D laser triangulation applications

The First Family of CMOS Sensors Tailored for 3D Laser Triangulation Applications

Teledyne e2v has introduced the Flash Family and says this is the first family of CMOS sensors specifically tailored for 3D laser triangulation applications, allowing customers to have high-resolution sensors with the highest speeds.

Flash 2K and Flash 4K are compatible with standard optics and have a high throughput over power consumption ratio. Because of the large library of features embedded on-chip (including a powerful single frame HDR), they can perfectly meet the challenges of the application.

The company says this family is completely in production, with stable and proven performances, and fully available for evaluation. Available in 2k and 4k horizontal resolution with 1,500 and 1,800 fps, the Flash Family of sensors provides outstanding spatial resolution with high profiling rates to meet the demands of current applications as well as opening the door to new ones.

Company info: Teledyne e2v