14 Jun 2024

Rugged in-vehicle computing workstation

IVX-1000 Rugged In-Vehicle Computing Workstation

Impulse Embedded,  has announced it has introduced the IVX-1000 from Vecow, an updated, in-vehicle computing workstation powered by the latest Intel 13th Gen Core i9, i7, i5, and i3 processors.

The company says the innovative, EN50155-compliant system is rich in features and is easily deployable for railway applications.

Featuring a wide, 16V to 160V DC input with 500V surge protection, rugged M12 connectors, and flexible storage options, the IVX-1000 is a resilient AI-enabled solution for in-vehicle applications such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), public safety, and mobile communications, as well as AIoT/Industry 4.0 applications.

The IVX-1000 has an LGA1700 CPU socket that can support Intel’s 13th and 12th Gen Core processors, (code names Alder Lake and Raptor Lake) including the high-performance 24 Core i9-13900E processor, a clever mixed core CPU, with eight Performance hyper-threaded cores and eight Efficient cores. The E cores can focus on background tasks, whilst the P cores will be available to run the more demanding applications uninterrupted. The IVX-1000 also features two DDR5 SO-DIMM slots supporting up to 64GB of 4800MHz DDR5 memory.

The IVX-1000 is packed with a wide range of high-speed I/O such as four 10Gbps USB3.2 Gen2 ports, and nine 2.5G Network ports, supporting TSN (Time Sensitive Networking), a crucial step forward in high-speed Edge communication standards, allowing critical information to be transmitted and acted on in real-time.

Moreover, eight of these ports feature X-coded M12 connectors to maintain and secure connection in high vibration areas. For those users who have the latest IP cameras and other PoE-powered devices, four of the M12 ports offer PoE+, with 25.5W / 48V per port power.

In addition to its high-speed I/O options, all the IVX-1000 variants feature an M.2 3042 B-key socket, suitable for 5G modules, one M.2 2230 E-key for Wi-Fi, and one mini PCIe slot for expansion modules. Quad display output is also standard, via two DisplayPort outputs and two HDMI ports.

For storage, there are two SATA III ports, one mSATA connector, and one M.2. 2280 M-key (PCIe x4) socket, with some models offering removable storage via easy to access front mount caddies.

In conclusion, the IVX-1000 from Vecow is a cutting-edge, in-vehicle computing workstation that brings advanced capabilities to railway applications and AIoT environments. Powered by the latest Intel processors, it combines ruggedness with AI-enabled features, making it ideal for ADAS, public safety, mobile communications, and Industry 4.0 applications.

With comprehensive I/O options, expansion capabilities, and high-speed connectivity, the IVX-1000 ensures seamless, real-time communication, and reliable performance in demanding environments.

Impulse Embedded says it can fully configure all of its embedded systems to customer’s exact specifications in its UK-based engineering facility with a wide choice of processor, memory, storage, peripheral cards, and operating system.



Company info: Impulse Embedded