14 Jun 2024

Routeco and CoreTigo partnership to drive Industrial wireless automation to the next level

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To meet rising demand for Industry 4.0 factory automation solutions across the UK, a new partnership was recently created between industrial automation distributor Routeco, and global wireless industrial automation solution provider CoreTigo.

This new partnership supports its strategy of providing the latest technology to its customers through enhancing machines with wireless communication to enable the associated benefits.

IO-Link Wireless was designed for factory automation and as such it addresses the requirements of advanced industrial manufacturing applications. Ranging from a 5 msec low latency and deterministic nature, through scalability, cable-grade reliability, and coexistence capabilities, it is breaking the limits of machine connectivity and enabling a broad range of solutions that were not possible before.

Enabling for the first-time real-time control and monitoring on industrial high-speed rotating and dynamic devices, IO-Link Wireless enhances and opens opportunities for new capabilities with rotary tables and carousels, transport track systems, robotic end-of-arm processes, condition monitoring and many others.

The benefits support flexible manufacturing strategies by providing a retrofit scalable wireless solution, high-performance machine diagnostics and edge solutions for machine builders, system integrators and end user manufacturers.

CoreTigo has also recently been awarded Rockwell Automations Technology Partner of the year EMEA 2023.

Learn more about the CoreTigo IO-Link Wireless based solutions, application examples and the product range available from Routeco, by clicking here.

Company info: Routeco Group