14 Jun 2024

Robust private 5G solutions

Moxa Helps Elevate Private 5G Operational Performance with Versatile New Gateways

Moxa has announced it is helping elevate private 5G operational performance with versatile new gateways.

Private 5G networks are gaining momentum across multiple industries. Compared to public cellular networks, private 5G networks offer better security, ultra-low latency, high bandwidth, and customisable network configurations thanks to a combination of dedicated infrastructure and localised coverage.

Despite their many benefits, the task of architecting, deploying and operating private 5G networks remains formidable. At the forefront of these challenges is the co-existence of diverse systems and devices within the same 5G environment. Moxa says it is solving the integration problem with its CCG-1500 Series of industrial-grade cellular gateways that includes 5G-to-Ethernet and 5G-to-serial ports to ensure seamless operations. Compact and versatile, the gateways can backhaul Ethernet and serial traffic to a private 5G cellular network to fulfil the dynamic network needs of industrial applications.

Moxa says its CCG-1500 gateways support the broader expansion of private 5G networks with features such as 5G speeds up to 920 Mbps, ultra-low latency, enhanced security, and dual SIM slots. Equipped with two Gigabit ports and one serial port, the gateways offer robust connectivity and are built on Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 technology optimised for use in media-conversion scenarios. The gateways act as ARM-based media and protocol converters with a built-in 5G/LTE module, enabling compatibility with major 5G RANs (Radio Access Networks) and 5G core networks from providers such as Ericsson, NEC, and Nokia.

Robustly engineered for industrial and outdoor use, Moxa CCG-1500 gateways are available with extended temperature ranges from -40° to 70° F (-40° to 158° F). Metal IP30-rated housings safeguard them from threats, while their DIN-rail mounts simplify installation. All units are thoroughly evaluated in a testing chamber, guaranteeing suitability in challenging environments.

Moxa says its LNA-1000 low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) optimise connectivity in dense locations. These dedicated accessories boost 5G signal strength and minimise noise interference for CCG-1500 Series gateways, ensuring stable and efficient cellular communications across the entire network. The LNA-1000 Series supports N1, N3, N7, N48 N78 and N79 bands, providing 10 to 16 dB gain.

Moxa says it is committed to empowering businesses with robust private 5G solutions, helping build the most reliable and secure wireless connectivity.

Company info: Moxa Europe