19 Jul 2024

Robotics-based solution building

Comau and Intrinsic , are presenting a real revolution in the field of automation

Comau, a leader in delivering advanced industrial automation products and systems, has announced a partnership with Intrinsic, aiming to make industrial robotics accessible and usable for more businesses, entrepreneurs, and developers.

Pietro Gorlier, Comau’s CEO, explained how the company has recently used Intrinsic’s new Flowstate developer product and underlying platform to create a modular solution to enable the assembly of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) supermodule – just one of many possibilities for new applications made possible through the platform. As the longest standing innovation partner of Intrinsic, Comau says it has contributed on all levels – providing its expertise and talent to test and validate the technology.

“We are excited to have partnered with Intrinsic towards our shared vision of democratising robotics,” explained Gorlier: “Looking forward, we will continue to leverage the synergies with Intrinsic and our expertise in collaborative, mobile, wearable, and safe robotic solutions to move closer to achieving software-defined, AI-enabled robotics, which is indispensable for all industries and areas with low automation levels.”

Comau says through use of the Intrinsic platform, customers will soon benefit from capabilities such as object pose estimation, robot automatic path planning with collision avoidance, controlled moves until contact, peg-in-hole applications and force-sensing assemblies. The company says the concrete benefits for customers are many:

  • The implementation and integration of Intrinsic’s AI-backed software capabilities will enable Comau to easily develop scalable, cost-effective solutions and pre-configured application templates that can be used to quickly deploy new or modified applications.
  • The software platform will drive increased robotics adoption and better cost-effectiveness by helping companies in many industries access modern automation that can be easily deployed.
  • Its low-code graphical interface also helps make robot programming intuitive-to-use for non-experts in industries approaching automation for the first time.

Wendy Tan White, CEO of Intrinsic said: “Partnering with Comau over the years has brought our team a tremendous amount of expertise, knowledge, and real world use cases to focus our efforts on. The development of Intrinsic Flowstate has been expedited through Comau’s willingness to innovate together on solving hard problems in new ways. We’re excited for what’s next and what it will mean to the solution builders of today and tomorrow.”




Company info: Comau