15 Jun 2024

Revolutionising leak detection

ZONESCAN AI - Gutermanns Latest Noise Logger

Gutermann, a leader in water infrastructure monitoring solutions, has announced it has unveiled its latest innovation, the ZONESCAN AI Logger – aimed at transforming leak detection processes in the water industry.

The company says the ZONESCAN AI Logger offers high precision leak pinpointing through automatic correlation and artificial intelligence. With a time synchronisation precision of ≤1 millisecond, the cloud software can automatically correlate data between neighbouring sensors, providing leak indications with a typical precision of ≤1m. Additionally, the AI Predictor, powered by Gutermann’s vast database of qualified samples, can enhance leak intelligence, enabling customers to detect more hidden leaks than ever before.

Gutermann says its Cloud user-friendly interface allows for easy management of leak detection infrastructure, analysis of leak alarms, and generation of detailed reports. The Cloud AI enhances leak prediction reliability by utilising thousands of factual training data points validated by real users worldwide.

The company says its ZONESCAN AI is the fully compatible successor model to ZONESCAN NB-IoT, which achieved a worldwide installation base of over 50,000 loggers in less than four years and this demonstrates its commitment to providing long-term, reliable solutions for the water industry’s evolving needs.

Gutermann says installing a leak noise logger has never been easier with the ZONESCAN AI Logger. The accompanying Android app, ZONESCAN INSTALL, guides users through the activation process, network registration, location assignment, and noise recording programming. With its compact design, the ZONESCAN AI Logger can fit seamlessly into any size chamber, making deployment effortless. Maintenance is simplified with features like field-replaceable batteries, inbuilt 3D motion sensors, and humidity and temperature monitoring.

Utilising Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology, ZONESCAN AI ensures seamless data transmission from below the chamber lid directly to the cloud. With an average battery life of 5+ years and outstanding daily read rates, ZONESCAN AI is said to outperform other IoT devices, offering deep underground coverage and lower communication costs.

The ZONESCAN AI Logger will be on display at the IFAT 2024 exhibition, taking place from May 13th to 17th at Messe München, Hall C1, Booth 426.

Company info: Gutermann