15 Jun 2024

Redefining collaborative robotics

Techman Robot’s TM20, the Lightest High-payload AI Cobot Robotic Arm

Techman Robot has announced the release of the TM20 robotic arm. The company says this is the industry’s lightest high-payload AI collaborative robot (Cobot) and despite being incredibly light, the TM20’s high payload capacity makes it the ideal solution for heavy-duty AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) applications.

Extending Techman’s cobot product range to even higher payloads, TM20 only weighs 32.8kg, but carries up to 20kg and has a reach of 1300mm with six rotation joints. It is now one of the most capable and competitive automation solution for diverse applications including semiconductors, electronics, and medical.

The company says this more lightweight robot improves production speed and efficiency by reducing energy consumption, and reducing recharging time in mobile scenarios. The nimble manoeuvrability of such a lightweight robot can also be a huge advantage for tasks that require frequent turning or have limited space.

The TM20’s built-in smart vision compensates for positioning errors and ensures precision in fast pick-and-place tasks – vital, for example, in semiconductor applications – without the need for additional visual or positional monitoring. This reduces integration time and costs. Moreover, Techman’s TM Landmark capability allows real-time updating of the relative position of the arm and key points in the environment, keeping the robot safely oriented in 3D space, regardless of the position of the robot.

This robot’s versatility makes it ideal for a huge range of challenging tasks involving high-volume packaging and palletising, massive pick-and-place jobs, material handling, and heavy machine tending. Specific applications where the TM20 excels include: semiconductor backend processes that require a large amount of manual loading and unloading and lifting of wafer boxes weighing more than 10 kilograms, and the retrieval and transfer of medical equipment and drugs.

Company info: Techman Robot