14 Jun 2024

Power distribution busway for data centres

Schneider Electric Unveils I-Line Track, the next generation of power distribution busway for data centres

Schneider Electric has announced the launch of its I-Line Track Medium Power Distribution Busway and says this comprehensive, next-generation power distribution busway has been designed specifically for use in data centre environments.

The company says I-Line Track provides an all-in-one solution to help build more flexible data centres which can meet today’s ever-growing need for fast and scalable construction alongside continuous optimisation. Its innovative design can enable flexible deployment and rapid expansion of cloud edge colocations data centres.

I-Line Track introduces a new open track design to ensure fast installation and enables data centre operators to keep up with unpredictable energy demands. It also features fool-proof self-locking hot pluggable tap-off units, to maximise the service and reduce downtime, and its anti-corrosion and enhanced class B installation features make it extremely reliable.

The open track design can provide great flexibility for both first-time installations and upgrades. Adding or relocating tap-off units is easier with the smart clamping system.

Schneider says data centres using I-Line Track will be able to use its intelligent monitoring capabilities to gain unique insights. The solution collects and uploads these insights in real time to dashboards in the cloud or on the edge, enabling data centre operators to make informed business decisions. I-Line Track makes asset management in the data centre space more visual and proactive and system optimisation more sustainable.

With this product offer, Schneider Electric says it has a full end-to-end solution for data centre applications. It underlines the company’s commitment to supplying sustainable, energy-efficient solutions to the industry.

I-Line Track forms a power distribution backbone which enables data centres to meet expansion needs and ensure the safety of the system. Other key features and benefits include:

  • A unique design which is 60% more compact than mainstream market products, improving the cooling efficiency of data centre environments
  • A robust, elastic-fit format which ensures a firm connection between the plug-in jaw and the busbar
  • 10 innovative patents with associated ASTA Diamond certification

David Williams, Vice President for Transactional Business at Schneider Electric said: “As businesses worldwide work together to prioritise sustainability, l-Line Track is set to emerge as a pivotal solution for those looking to make their data centre operations greener and more environmentally friendly.”



Company info: Schneider Electric GB