24 Jul 2024

Possibilities in diverse vertical markets

ADLINK Unleashes Next-Level Edge Transformations with NVIDIA

ADLINK Technology, a leader in edge computing and Preferred member of the NVIDIA Partner Network, has announced it is unlocking new possibilities in diverse vertical markets during COMPUTEX 2023.

The company says by working closely with NVIDIA, it is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in professional graphics, smart manufacturing, and healthcare. The Pocket AI portable GPU accelerator, AI smart cameras & platforms, and MLB-IGX medical platform demonstrate commitment to delivering exceptional value and performance.

ADLINK is featuring its Pocket AI portable GPU accelerator, utilising the power of the NVIDIA RTX A500, to enhance graphics capabilities for AI developers, graphics professionals and gamers.

Additionally, ADLINK says its medical computer MLB-IGX, leveraging the NVIDIA IGX platform, delivers ultra-fast performance with low latency, making it ideal for real-time, AI inferencing applications. The scalable computing platform can be embedded directly into a medical device or attached as a sidecar for clinical edge computing. Being IGX-certified, they are also IEC 60601-compliant and suitable for endoscopy, MRI, surgical robotics, and X-ray use cases.

In response to the growing demand of smart manufacturing and smart cities, ADLINK is leveraging the NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories platform, as well as developing AI smart cameras and edge AI platforms based on the latest NVIDIA Jetson system-on-modules that fulfil real-time AI vision analytics. The DLAP-211-Orin, DLAP-411-Orin, and EOS-JNX series provide accelerated deep learning capabilities for applications like vision inspection, public safety, and traffic management. On top of these, ADLINK’s all-in-one NEON AI Camera — combined with the NVIDIA Fleet Command platform, as well as NVIDIA Omniverse-based application frameworks such as Isaac Sim, — can reportedly effectively increase production efficiency by over 200%. ADLINK also unveils the RQX-59 series, a cutting-edge robotic controller designed for robotics with ROS 2 compatibility, based on the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin.

ADLINK says its mission is to empower industries with next-gen edge computing solutions, driving digital transformation, and delivering superior value and by collaborating with NVIDIA, it strives to revolutionise the professional graphics, smart manufacturing, and healthcare industries, by aiding them to achieve unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Company info: ADLINK Technology GmbH