24 May 2024

Portable furnace thermal imaging system

Portable Furnace Thermal Imaging System from AMETEK Land

AMETEK Land, a leading manufacturer of highly accurate infrared pyrometers, scanners, and thermal imagers, has announced it has launched a lightweight Portable Furnace Thermal Imaging System for use in harsh environmental conditions.

The company says the new Portable Furnace Thermal Imaging System is small and light and fits easily into Pelican flight cases, allowing it to be transported to and around plant locations easily. This means it is ideal for performing regular inspections and surveys, leading to prolonged furnace lifespans, optimised burner efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and improved plant profitability.

The system includes a USB-C battery power supply and instrument air inlet for purging the imager, to allow extended monitoring during high-temperature processes. Advanced IMAGEPro v2 image processing software from AMETEK Land is displayed on a portable tablet that provides a full online view of the furnace and enables data capture for further analysis.

James Cross, Head of Industry Management, said: “Our challenge with borescope imaging is maintaining the benefits of wide-angle, high resolution, in-furnace imaging whilst making the system intuitive, and easy to assemble and operate. While not handheld, we have produced a system in consultation with the industry that meets this challenge and has AMETEK Land’s hallmarks of robustness and accuracy.”

The Portable Thermal Imaging System is an accessory kit designed for compatibility with LAND’s market-leading borescope range that covers multiple temperature and spectral ranges, for a variety of furnace and boiler applications. It is designed for use in harsh environmental conditions, including thermal furnace surveys and inspections, monitoring and optimisation. AMETEK Land says it has already delivered over thirty borescopes for portable applications, largely to the blue hydrogen and ammonia industries.

Company info: AMETEK Land