12 Jul 2024

Pole mount for vision applications

The pole mount enables secure attachment of camera mounts

autoVimation has announced it is complementing its mounting solutions for vision applications, introducing a pole mount that interfaces to existing wall mounts and mounting kits.

The company says featuring two stainless-steel ribbon clips and a dovetail profile, the new fixture fits pole diameters up to 115 mm and almost all profile mounts in the manufacturer’s range. It provides a convenient and secure way to attach camera enclosures with dovetail profiles on poles, pipes and trusses with differently shaped cross sections.

The company specialises in robust solutions to enable machine vision in harsh industrial environments and outdoors and says it can provide a comprehensive range of camera enclosures and mounting kits. Depending on the required degree of freedom, there is a choice of fixed brackets or versions that can be freely rotated along up to two axes. Users can flexibly combine adapter plates, clamps and brackets and thus position cameras and lasers with the right perspective for their various applications.

Company info: autoVimation