16 Jun 2024

Photoelectric range of sensors

0330 Optical Sensor from sensing and instrumentation specialist BAUMER

Baumer says its new 0330 optical sensor is the latest addition to its ever-expanding photoelectric range of sensors combining smart design features with high performance reserve capacities.

The company says reliable and economical object detection has become a crucial requirement in today’s increasingly automated systems across a wide range of industry sectors, so the introduction of these sensors is well timed. Typical applications across a wide range of industry sectors include; intra-logistics, electronics manufacturing, textile machines and packaging applications.

Baumer says whilst standard compact light barriers and photoelectric proximity sensors are widely available, the ultra-compact 0330 sensor provides enhanced performance reserve capacity with features such as 3D MCAD data and integrated beam path, as a starting point. This additional data helps system designers and engineers to minimise time spent in selecting the right sensor and provides easy visual pre-checks with the help of a 3D preview. Also, as the 3D models integrate the beam path this helps to minimise the time spent on installation, thus saving time and money.

The company says thanks to qTarget (the smart Baumer standard), the beam paths in the 3D MCAD model comply with the application reality which ensures time savings from design stage to installations. This eliminates the need for further alignment, so the sensor is virtually ready for immediate use.

The sensor is also available with a linear beam option although this also delivers outstanding performance, for example reliable detection of dark, irregular or perforated objects. In these situations, diffuse sensors with background suppression are characterised by their extended detection range of up to 385mm, with the linear beam incorporating Pin Point LED combined with extremely high immunity to ambient light, which Baumer claims is unrivalled in this price category.

Furthermore, other benefits include; a robust metal connector, LED display which is visible throughout 360º along with easy instructions via the proven Baumer qTeach feature. The sensor only requires a touch with a ferromagnetic object to ensure easy, reproducible and tamper-proof sensor teaching.


Company info: Baumer