15 Jun 2024

Partnership enhances the capabilities of satellite Internet of Things (SatIoT) technology

Fabien Jordan, CEO, Astrocast

Astrocast, has announced the extension of its partnership with Airbus Defence and Space (Airbus), a global leader in the aerospace industry.

Astrocast says this partnership enhances the capabilities of satellite Internet of Things (SatIoT) technology and will enable it to further increase its network capacity to provide the most reliable and cost-effective SatIoT solutions to its customers.

In recent years, the collaboration between Airbus and Astrocast has been instrumental to Astrocast. Since 2017 this relationship has enabled Astrocast to develop its communication protocol and modem software stack more effectively. This forms a core part of Astocast’s wider SatIoT technology. In building upon this successful collaboration, both companies have agreed to extend their partnership. Airbus will continue to provide extensive support to Astrocast, focusing on further enhancing both the Bandwidth and the Quality of Service.

The company says the reliability and quality of its SatIoT connectivity is already well recognised by the market since its commercial launch in 2022 and many organisations are currently benefiting from it. This includes the EU’s CiRROCCO initiative, the EU’s XGain initiative, and the likes of AvirtechDigitanimal and ArrowSpot, to mention a few. Through this partnership with Airbus, Astrocast expects to continue capitalising on its shared technological successes and further enhance SatIoT Bandwidth and Quality of Service for all customers. This will allow them to benefit from a continuous improvement of data transmission capacity, efficiency, latency and security. Customers will, in turn, be able to further optimise their operational efficiency according to their needs.

François Gaullier, SVP Telecommunications and Navigation Systems, Space Systems at Airbus Defence and Space says: “Through this partnership extension, Airbus reaffirms its commitment to Astrocast’s technology roadmap and its leadership in the SatIoT space. This collaboration also lays the important foundation for potential convergences with the future 5G NTN IoT communications standards that are currently in discussion for LEO constellations. In time, these enhanced capabilities for collecting and exchanging critical data with IoT assets from multiple applications will benefit users across various key industries worldwide. Astrocast is not only poised to address these challenges, its roadmap is designed to take them head on for the industry. Therefore, we’re excited about working together and achieving more success.”

Fabien Jordan, CEO of Astrocast (pictured) says: “We are thrilled to deepen our partnership with Airbus and leverage its unique expertise in advanced satellite IoT technology. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to continuing to provide our customers with the most reliable and efficient SatIoT connectivity solutions on the market. With Airbus’s support, we will further solidify Astrocast’s position as the go-to satellite IoT operator.”

Airbus and Astrocast say this extended partnership between them strengthens the strategic technology collaboration between the two companies, and will bring critical benefits to their customers, and the SatIoT sector. Astrocast says It exemplifies its strong commitment to its customers — and continuous enhancement of its core technologies, that continue providing end-users the most reliable and cost-effective SatIoT solutions on the market today. Furthermore, it underscores the strong confidence Airbus places in Astrocast’s capabilities, as they work together to jointly push the boundaries of satellite IoT.

Company info: Astrocast