12 Jul 2024

Ovarro launches Graduate Programme

Graduate Programme

Ovarro, the remote monitoring specialist across several sectors — including water, oil and gas, broadcast, transportation and power — has unveiled an ambitious new Graduate Programme. The initiative is aimed at fortifying Ovarro’s operations in the water management and leak detection industry and developing a dedicated sales division. Five graduate hires have joined the global company at its offices in Chesterfield, UK.

The new Graduate Program is one of two started by Ovarro during the summer — with the other is based at the company’s headquarters in Eckington, Sheffield, UK. The new programe at Chesterfield is the next stage in the remote monitoring specialist’s ongoing commitment to supporting early careers and harnessing the untapped potential of recent graduates. The team of graduates will focus on bolstering the company’s sales function through data analytics, in a strategy that aligns with Ovarro’s overall business goal for excellence and efficiency in its sales pipeline.

The programme’s inaugural intake, which comprises five dynamic graduates from the Sheffield region, brings together a unique set of skills and educational backgrounds. From mathematics to business and marketing, the cohort was purposefully selected to foster collaborative problem-solving and mutual skill-sharing.

What sets this initiative apart is its long-term vision. Graduates enrolled in the programme are automatically offered permanent contracts and aligned to their preferred career paths, reinforcing Ovarro’s commitment to professional growth and development. This forward-thinking approach is mirrored in the creation of an in-house Sales Academy, where these talents will be nurtured and supported throughout the Graduate Programme and their career with Ovarro.

“We see this programme not just as a short-term endeavour, but as a legacy-building effort,” said Joanna Whitaker, Sales Operations Manager at Ovarro, who is leading the team. “The graduates will play a pivotal role in refining and implementing robust sales processes that will endure beyond their tenure.”

Beyond sales support, the team will be instrumental in spearheading vital research focussing on water leak detection and prevention. The team’s projects and keen analytical abilities will identify chances for innovations and development into global markets that haven’t been fully explored or utilised by Ovarro. The programme will help consolidate Ovarro as a key player in global water infrastructure projects, with offices not only in the UK but also in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Malaysia, and Australia.

The programme’s initial cohort includes Sam Fewster, a mathematics graduate and Anjali Mukesh, a tech graduate with a background in electrical and electronics engineering, who also holds a master’s in business administration. Katie Hudson has also joined the team, equipped with qualifications in business and marketing. Riven Knight, an economics graduate with first-class honours and a year of experience as a Data Analyst in the UK Healthcare Industry has also been appointed, alongside Marco Difelice, a business management, and economics graduate from Nottingham Trent University.

The new members are all enthusiastic about their roles at Ovarro, eager to develop skills, collaborate, and contribute to the company’s mission to help drastically reduce water leakages around the world.

“As the programme takes shape, the hope is to witness the graduates evolve into leaders within various departments or specialise further in their chosen domains,” added Whitaker.  “Ovarro remains committed to empowering these young professionals to make informed decisions about their future within the company.”

For further information on Ovarro’s Student and Graduate Programmes, visit its website.

Pictured:  Five new graduate hires have joined Ovarro. They are Riven Knight, Katie Hudson, Sam Fewster (back row left to right), Marco Difelice and Anjali Mukesh (front row left to right).