16 Jul 2024

One cylinder sensor does the work of two

One cylinder sensor does the work of two

ifm electronic says when used with short-stroke pneumatic cylinders, a single sensor from its new MK59xx range can detect both cylinder end positions, whereas, in the past, two separate sensors would have been needed.

The company says this reduces both cost and installation time. Designed for T-slot mounting, the new sensors have a detection range of 50 mm and, as well as conventional switching outputs, they feature an IO-Link interface that allows continuous high-resolution monitoring of cylinder position.

If the IO-Link interface is used, MK59xx sensors can also provide additional functionality, including a stroke counter which is useful for evaluating the service life of critical cylinders, a stroke timer which can provide a useful warning of mechanical or air pressure problems, and a temperature monitor. An additional benefit is that, thanks to a teach function and a Bluetooth adaptor, the sensors can be adjusted from outside the machine after installation.

MK59xx sensors are currently available in versions with either one or two switching outputs and with a range of connection options, including 2 m or 6 m cables or pigtails with either M8 or M12 connectors. All types provide two digital outputs accessible via IO-Link, and all have a maximum switching frequency of 200 Hz. The sensors have an IP67 ingress protection rating which allows them to be used in all normal industrial applications.

Company info: ifm electronic