12 Jul 2024

Norway is Partner Country at Hannover Messe 2024

Norway partner country at Hannover Messe

Norway has confirmed that it is Partner Country at Hannover Messe in 2024. Jan Christian Vestre, Minister of Trade and Industry, Norway, and Dr. Jochen Köckler, Chairman of the Managing Board, Deutsche Messe AG, made the official announcement at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in Berlin.

The designation of Norway as Partner Country spotlights an ambitious country dedicated to deliver and develop new solutions for the green industrial transition.

Vestre commented: “Norway is honoured to be Partner Country at Hannover Messe. Norway’s highly skilled work force, advanced industry and energy technology, as well as high degree of trust and stability, makes us a key partner in the green shift and one of the world’s most attractive countries for business. We are thrilled to get this opportunity to showcase the Norwegian way of doing business and what Norway has to offer.”

Norway has a rich industrial history and role as a reliable energy producer. This heritage combined with its dedication to speed up the green transition will be beneficial as a Partner Country at HANNOVER MESSE, the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology.

The country’s theme for 2024, “Norway 2024: Pioneering the Green Industrial Transition”, emphasises Norway’s ambitions for the transition to a low-carbon society and key role in developing solutions within sectors such as renewable energy, carbon-neutral production, and application of green and digital solutions – all necessary to transform the industry and reach net-zero.

Köckler  added: “Norway’s participation as Partner Country further strengthens close European cooperation on energy and climate issues. Together we can advance the decarbonisation of industry and set the necessary course at HANNOVER MESSE.” He continued: “One example of this is the Norwegian-German Energy Conference on the second day of the fair, which focuses on business models for the hydrogen economy that create investment security for infrastructure, production, transport, storage and distribution.”

HANNOVER MESSE takes place at the Hannover Exhibition Centre in Hannover, Germany. The annual event features the latest products and solutions for manufacturing and energy systems and attracts decision-makers and industry leaders from all over the world. The selection of a Partner Country recognises and promotes a specific nation’s contributions to industrial progress as well as the current business opportunities it offers.

Norway is fully integrated into the European internal market through the EEA Agreement, making trade and investment flow seamlessly between Norway, Germany and the rest of the European Union. Norway and Germany are key trading partners and have entered a strategic partnership on climate, renewable energy and green industry to cooperate even closer in the green transition.

At the Norway Pavilion in Hall 12, top Norwegian companies will demonstrate products and solutions for the energy transition and a sustainable industry.  The pavilion is an important focal point for the Norwegian presence at Hannover Messe and hosts exhibitors from energy, process industry, battery/charging solutions, digitalisation and more. A networking programme promotes collaboration between Norwegian and international businesses and presents business opportunities for foreign investors. The Norwegian-German Energy Conference on 23 April is also expected to complement the programme.

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