24 May 2024

New Tork productivity guide provides five steps to using “kaizen” for a sustainable competitive advantage

Tork®, an Essity brand, is launching a guide to Japanese management theory “kaizen” to help businesses implement a culture of continuous improvement by engaging machine operators. Machine operators play an integral part in improving productivity and 87 percent agree that preventive maintenance reduces lost production time. *

“We want to help companies improve preventive maintenance routines by contributing with smart and innovative products, because small changes have a significant impact,” says Jenny Turner, Marketing Director for Industry for Essity’s professional hygiene business.

Tork Performance® dispensers, combined with their professional wipers help to optimise autonomous cleaning routines.

Equipped to Improve™ – A guide to improving productivity is available to download at www.tork.co.uk/equippedtoimprove.

*Tork® machine operator research, Psyma (July 2019)