23 Jul 2024

New standard for connectivity and security

MQTT provides enhanced security and connectivity features for Secure Integration Server © Softing Industrial

Softing Industrial says its Secure Integration Server (SIS) offers a structured solution for complex server architectures. The company says It combines various OPC UA servers at the automation level with their associated address spaces and this enables a standardised mapping of these address spaces in accordance with the OPC UA Companion Specification. The data provided in this way is then available for IoT cloud applications via a standardised OPC UA interface.

The latest version of the SIS, V1.30, integrates the MQTT protocol (versions 3 and 5), making data integration more secure and flexible. The most significant benefits include:

MQTT Publisher & Subscriber: enables bi-directional data traffic for efficient communication

MQTT Authentication Settings: Ensure security and identification between clients and brokers through various authentication methods such as anonymous, username or certificates

MQTT Store&Forward Function: Protects against data loss

Various Publishing Modes and “Dynamic Payload”: Guarantee high flexibility for different data requirements.

Up to 25 MQTT Connections: Ensure seamless communication and provide a scalable solution.

Product Manager Andreas Röck commented on this development: “The integration of the MQTT protocol into our Secure Integration Server underlines our commitment to advanced solutions in industrial data integration. The enhanced security and connectivity features open up new possibilities for efficient and reliable data transmission for our customers.”