23 Jul 2024

New, powerful palletising

Introducing the PE20: The New, Powerful Palletising Solution from Robotiq

Robotiq says its latest palletising solution, the PE20, is designed for the new UR20 collaborative robot (cobot) from Universal Robots. The UR20 is the largest 6-axis cobot arm in the range and is now available to order in the UK from automation distributor RARUK Automation.

The company says the new Universal Robots model offers the greatest reach and payload capabilities of the entire UR cobot range. One of the key features of the new UR20 is its re-designed joints that allow increased speed and torque. This redesign can cut cycle times by up to 65%, as well as enabling the robot to handle heavier loads. Where palletising is concerned, the new UR model’s reach is said to be ideal for standard EURO pallets.

As a Robotiq expert partner, RARUK Automation says it already offers a range of Robotiq application solutions to help manufacturing businesses automate their processes across the UK. The off-the-shelf application solutions include Machine Tending, Screwdriving and the AX and PE Series Palletising Solutions. Robotiq’s new solution has been developed to utilise the UR20’s key features for enhanced palletising.

The company says the PE20 can handle payloads up to 20 kg (44 lb) with end of arm tooling, unlocking new possibilities in terms of palletising. The solution offers speeds reaching 13 picks per minute, enabling manufacturers to cycle various product types quickly.

The new Robotiq Palletising Solution is reported to be compatible with all standard pallet dimensions. The PE20 reaches stack heights of up to 2.15 m (84 in). Robotiq’s software solution ensures accuracy and ease in managing a high number of SKUs. The solution offers even higher productivity and efficiency than previous automated palletising options.

When paired with Robotiq’s enhanced PowerPick gripper and Multipick software feature, the PE20 will be able to palletise multiple boxes at once. With 16 possible gripper configurations, the PE20’s flexibility will allow users to manage changing production line needs and easily adapt to future requirements.

“Robotiq’s new solution is a fully integrated software and hardware package, which is easy to program and set up.” Says Andrew Mason, Automation Sales Manager for RARUK Automation. “We are on hand to assist our customers with deployment, training and ongoing technical support.”

Mason concludes: “We are pleased to be able to offer the PE20 to our UK customers, as the increased payload and reach capabilities of the new UR20 model will enable businesses to automate their more challenging palletising tasks.”

Company info: RAR UK Automation