21 May 2024

Multicode readers

ifm’s new reader sends codes and texts direct to IO-Link

ifm electronic  says multicode readers in its new O2I4xx range can evaluate multiple 1D/2D codes and texts in a single image and send the results direct IO-Link, making them easy to integrate with control and supervisory systems.

The company says as the readers operate reliably even in challenging lighting conditions and when the codes and text are printed on difficult surfaces, they are an ideal choice for production and logistics applications where codes and text need to be checked for quality or used for product tracking.

Despite their versatility and performance, ifm says the readers are fast and easy to set up – they are ready for use right out of the box and, in most applications, only need to be taught the codes they are to monitor. For more demanding situations, the user can optimise performance by configuring a range of advanced functions, including focus, using ifm’s free to use software Vision Assistant.

The O2I4xx range includes multicode readers with an integral RGBW light source, as well as red light and infrared versions. For all types, the IO-Link interface is used to retrieve code and text data. To ensure efficient operation, data with a size greater than 32 bytes is automatically divided into blocks and transmitted using the fast COM3 standard. Data blocks are separated with an adjustable hold time, which eliminates the need for special function blocks in the control program.

Company info: ifm electronic