15 Jun 2024

Multi-sensor data logger

The new ASPION L-Track multi-sensor data logger monitors transported goods worldwide in real time.

ASPION says its new L-Track multi-sensor data logger with live tracking monitors transported goods worldwide in real time and creates transparency and security in the supply chain. Disruptions, damage or delays in global supply chains repeatedly present shippers with serious problems – often with costly consequences

The end-to-end solution from ASPION “Made and Hosted in Germany” is now available for the first time.

The company says the ASPION L-Track can be used flexibly across all industries for worldwide tracking in 140 countries over many years. The battery-operated, energy-optimised electronics with numerous sensors for temperature, humidity, movement, light, etc. in a robust, waterproof housing ensure transparency about the current condition of the goods at all times. In particular, the sophisticated shock detection with detailed course can provide recognised proof to insurance companies and business partners in the event of damage to high-quality industrial goods. Thanks to live data and alerts with the powerful ASPION IoT cloud platform, supply chains can be efficiently controlled by actively intervening in the event of unusual incidents, thus averting damage and costs.

Company info: Aspion