25 Jun 2024

MTC Collaborates with Lithoz GmbH for ceramic additive manufacturing

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The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) has announced the addition of Lithoz GmbH, a provider of Additive Manufacturing (AM) solutions for high-performance and bioresorbable ceramics, to its membership. Founded in 2011 by Dr. Johannes Homa and Dr. Johannes Benedikt, Lithoz GmbH has been at the forefront of ceramic innovation, striving to establish additive manufacturing as a mainstream production method.

The company’s CeraFab 3D printers, utilising Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing technology, are widely regarded as the industrial standard in sectors such as aerospace, industrial, and medical due to their quality, precision, and reliability. With over 150 engineers located across Austria, China, and the USA, Lithoz GmbH offers extensive application and material development services to its global clientele.

Sherry Ghanizadeh, Senior Research Engineer at MTC, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Lithoz, highlighting the potential to advance ceramic AM applications across industries such as Power and Energy and Defence. The partnership is expected to broaden MTC’s AM capabilities, enabling the processing of a diverse range of high-performance ceramics and facilitating the design and manufacture of intricate ceramic geometries.

Dr. Johannes Homa, CEO of Lithoz GmbH, emphasised the company’s eagerness to join the MTC community and contribute to the vibrant ceramic and 3D printing landscape in the UK. With the utilisation of Lithoz’s industry-leading CeraFab S65 3D printer technology, both parties anticipate driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of ceramic AM in collaboration with MTC’s experts.

The partnership between MTC and Lithoz GmbH signifies a significant step towards advancing additive manufacturing technologies and fostering innovation in ceramic production across various sectors.