24 Jul 2024

Measuring distance with millimetre precision

ifm dependably measures distance with millimetre precision

ifm electronic has announced it has launched a new generation of OGD optical distance sensors which reliably measure distances up to 2 m with an accuracy of one millimetre, even with fast-moving, reflective, multicoloured and other challenging targets.

The company says like the existing very successful family of OGD sensors, the new models use PMD time-of-flight technology, delivering superior performance to conventional laser and red-light sensors. Unlike their predecessors, however, the new models allow users to choose from three operating modes optimised for range, precision and frequency. This means fewer OGD sensor types are needed to cover the full range of applications.

Because they use PMD technology, all OGD sensors offer excellent reflection resistance and background suppression, making them an ideal choice in critical and demanding applications. In addition, their range is angle and colour independent, allowing them to operate reliably even with challenging targets such as reflective metal surfaces. In addition to distance, the new sensors simultaneously measure target reflectivity, providing additional information that can, for example, be used for product sorting.

The new OGD sensors are available in heavy-duty versions with stainless steel housings and light-duty versions with plastic housings. Both versions can be supplied with either two transistor switching outputs or one switching and one analogue output.

The outputs can be configured to operate based on range or reflectivity. In addition, all types have an IO-Link interface which provides full access to range and reflectivity measurements.

An integral display shows the current measured value and can be configured to change colour to indicate an out-of-tolerance or alarm condition. The display can also be used to aid in configuring the sensors, in conjunction with three operating buttons built into the device. Alternatively, configuration can be carried out via the IO-Link interface.

Company info: ifm electronic