12 Jul 2024

Material handling efficiency

Avancon Cost-Saving ZPC Conveyor Concept: Revolutionizing Efficiency in Material Handling

Avancon reports its Zone Powered Conveyor (ZPC) Concept is designed to revolutionise conveyor systems across industries.

The company says its innovative approach eliminates the need for central control cabinets and cable channels, streamlining installation processes and reducing investment costs by up to 30%.

The Avancon ZPC Concept operates on zero pressure accumulation principles, offering a simple and efficient solution for controlling conveyor systems while conserving energy. All zones communicate seamlessly via decentralised control concept, allowing for easy monitoring and control from a single point of access, enhancing overall efficiency and minimising downtime risks.

Avancon says since, its ZPC Conveyor is equipped with pre-installed controls and software for autonomous operation, it eliminates the need for additional components such as cable channels, central control cabinets, programming, and cable pulling, resulting in significant investment savings.

The Avancon ZPC Concept ensures human conveyor interaction safety, enabling operators to work alongside the conveyor without requiring additional guarding. This validation came from the TSA, which authorised the installation of Avancon equipment at airports across North America for passenger screening purposes.

The company says with its system, material handling integrators can optimise time and resources, enhance efficiency, and elevate safety standards, making conveyor systems more economically viable worldwide.

Material handling integrators often struggle with installation costs that spiral out of control, leading to delays, missing parts, and increased labour expenses on construction sites compared to factory settings. Avancon says its ZPC Concept addresses these challenges head-on, providing a cost-effective solution that simplifies installation processes and minimises rollout disruptions.

Company info: Avancon