25 Jun 2024

Manufacturers enter 2024 with renewed optimism

Manufacturing optimism 2024

As we step into 2024, the manufacturing landscape in Britain appears to be more positive with a renewed sense of optimism, according to a major survey conducted by Make UK and PwC. The findings underscore a significant shift in perception, with British manufacturers increasingly viewing the UK as a more competitive destination compared to last year, outpacing their European counterparts.

Amid the huge challenges posed by the pandemic and the shockwaves in energy prices, the survey reveals a resilient industry, poised for growth and innovation. The majority of senior manufacturing executives express confidence in the prospects for the sector in 2024, with opportunities now outweighing perceived risks. This newfound optimism is substantiated by strategic investments in new products, explorations into untapped markets, and an accelerated embrace of digital technologies to enhance operational efficiency.

Nevertheless, the buoyant outlook is tempered by a cautious acknowledgment of external factors. Chief among these concerns is the challenge to their competitiveness emanating from the economic powerhouses of the United States, India, and China. The survey highlights a wariness among industry leaders regarding the global and domestic economic landscape, compounded by challenges like escalating energy and employment costs and a struggle for access to skilled domestic workforce.

Stephen Phipson, Chief Executive of Make UK, emphasised the resilience displayed by manufacturers in the face of recent challenges, calling for a sustained and long-term industrial strategy to fortify the positive path. The acceleration in digital technology adoption, coupled with strengths in innovation and market expansion, positions manufacturing as a vital player in the broader efforts to stimulate growth.

While Cara Haffey, Leader of Manufacturing at PwC, highlighted a cautious optimism prevailing in the industry. The survey indicates a proactive stance among manufacturers, with over half planning to explore opportunities in new products and a substantial portion looking to expand into uncharted territories. However, she acknowledges the persistent headwinds of economic challenges, geopolitical uncertainties, and rising costs, urging a pragmatic approach to navigate the path forward.

As the UK manufacturing sector cautiously welcomes 2024 with both resilience and optimism, the journey ahead demands a careful balance between seizing opportunities and navigating the complex challenges inherent in the evolving global economic landscape. The survey underscores the need for sustained support, strategic planning, and a resilient mindset to ensure the continued growth and competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in the UK.

Company info: Smart Futures