12 Jul 2024

LVDT displacement sensors

Inelta LVDT displacement sensors with oil separator for heavy-duty applications, also available in customized housing shapes such as this SW32 hexagonal housing

For use in heavy machinery in oily environments, Inelta Sensorsysteme says it offers LVDT displacement sensors with oil separators.

The company says these inductive displacement sensors, which are available with or without an integrated return spring, are oil-compatible in accordance with SAE90 MIL 2105B and have an oil tightness of <0.2bar. The measuring path of the sensors, which are manufactured in a robust stainless steel housing, can be adapted to the specific application. The units achieve protection class IP68 and can be used in extended temperature ranges from -40°C to 80°C, depending on the version. The LVDT displacement sensors are characterised by their excellent repeatability. A 4..20mA output signal is used to output the measured values.

The supply voltage is 24VDC. On request, Inelta says it also manufactures these LVDT sensors in customised versions with or without integrated amplifier, with different standard voltages or standard currents. As an alternative to the standard round housings, the sensor specialist can also produce individual housing designs, for example in hexagonal format with the customer’s preferred wrench widths. Such housings, which are screwed in or out via the head-side external thread and securely fixed in place with just a few turns of the wrench, are said to be ideal for quickly replacing sensors in construction machinery, crane systems or other heavy-duty applications.

Company info: Inelta Sensorsysteme