15 Jun 2024

Low-wear glides with profile sliders

Low-Wear Glides with Profile Sliders from norelem

norelem says whether it be sliding doors, drawer pull-outs, slide rails or slide carriages, its profile glides are suited to all sorts of applications.

The company says the new glides feature a base body made from sturdy zinc diecast, which provides low-wear guidance for aluminium manual slides with an 8mm groove. The profile slider can be guided into the groove, which forms a robust slide with a plain bearing. Additionally, clipped-in plastic sliding elements ensure the gentle linear movement of the aluminium profiles.

Preventing the build-up of dirt and debris, the glides don’t require additional lubrication to maintain smooth operation. This means that the profile slider can also be used under difficult environmental conditions, where dust, moisture and dirt are prevalent. Attachments can be fastened to the profile slider with the enclosed M6 nuts according to DIN 439, with its maximum permissible load being 50 newtons.

norelem says the profile slider is also available with a clamping lever made from glass-fibre reinforced plastic. By tightening this clamping lever, a sliding block in the middle of the profile slider is pulled against the aluminium profile so that the slide system can’t move. For example, a tightening torque of 15 newton metres on the clamping lever creates a clamping force of 600 newtons. This further development of the profile slider with the additional clamping unit extends the range of available applications.

Sliding guides with several slides should be designed as a combination of fixed bearing (form F, with M6 screws) and floating bearing (form L, with M5 screws). This will compensate for any shape tolerances and ensures easy movement.

norelem says its new low wear glides can be used across a range of sectors in the manufacturing and engineering industry. By enabling low wear linear movement, and requiring minimal maintenance, the low wear glides can make engineering practices more efficient and allow organisations to save on maintenance costs. With this in mind, these low wear glides showcase how norelem is continuing to offer more efficient solutions to both industrial and commercial applications.



Company info: norelem