12 Jul 2024

Laser for 3D stereo machine vision

FLEXPOINT® MVstereo – The Laser for 3D Stereo Machine Vision

Laser Components has announced it has launched the FLEXPOINT MVstereo for use in applications such as machine vision, gesture recognition, depth sensing and volume measurement. 

The company says it delivers an output power of up to 100mW for 660nm and 130mW for 830nm whilst at the same time being a class 1 laser.  The MVstereo laser can be ordered with a digital modulation or analog power adjustment.

The module acts as a random pattern projector and is able to produce more than 33,000 dots for 3D stereo image processing.  It is available with a Pseudo random dot matrix pattern with 8 different patterns available, the pattern size and angles varying in combination with wavelength. In addition to this it can supplied with a fixed focus and is available in 2 housing options: the standard 11.5mm diameter or 19mm diameter ruggedised.

This laser module can be a great choice for providing varying patterns for applications where depth sensing or volume measuring is required.  This combined with its different housing options and adjustable focus makes the MVstereo a reliable and effective 3D generator.

Company info: Laser Components