14 Jun 2024

IXON relocates global HQ to help facilitate growth


IXON will be relocating its global headquarters from Overloon (NL) to Boxmeer (NL) on  1 January, 2022. 

The move is part of the company’s long-term strategy and to facilitate employee growth. Founder and CEO Willem Hofmans commented: “We support machine builders worldwide with improving their machines. Every day we work on innovations to better help our customers while maintaining our quality standards and ensuring a high ease of use. That requires manpower.” He added: “Which is why we’re moving our headquarters to a new sustainable office with room for 160 employees.”

With plans to grow its employee base from 70 to over 100 in the coming year, IXON is focussing on continuous development and innovation. Hofmans explained: “Our aim is to provide machine builders with all the right ideas and tools to improve machine performance…A big part of our roadmap is to further develop and innovate our data analysis offering, with both products and services.

“We’ve seen a true global shift when it comes to IoT adoption in manufacturing. Data analysis and insights are no longer scary new technologies, but people are starting to think about the implementation. We are continuously working to find the best and easiest way to help machine builders with that. This move will ensure that we can continue to do so.”

Company info: Ixon