25 Jun 2024

IoT portal for remote monitoring

CONTA-CLIP IoT portal for remote monitoring and control via web and app

Conta-Clip has announced it has introduced the new IoT portal CONTA-SUPERVISION to complement its solutions for remote monitoring and control of processes and plants.

The company says users can now access process data in real time and control GSM-PRO2 4G communication modules via a web browser or app. The solution works independently of existing IT infrastructures and also in remote places.

Data from sensors is continuously updated and critical states are reported with push messages. The execution of control commands is confirmed separately. Users gain direct, clear insight into critical processes and can minimise downtime.

The system can be modularly expanded and also displays data from interface extensions to the communication modules. The GSM-PRO2 modules are used in various applications from complex factory automation systems to remote facilities without network connection. They use 4G, 3G and 2G frequency bands from any provider with a contract or prepaid SIM card and, in addition to monitoring via the CONTA-SUPERVISION portal, can also send information and alarms via text message.

Conta-Clip offers free-of-charge operation of up to two GSM-PRO2 modules via the IoT portal.

Company info: Conta-Clip