12 Jul 2024

Interactive roller coasters

INNTQ AB Expands to Norway with Launch of Innovative ROCO Machines

INNTQ, has announced the launch of its ROCO machines in Norway and says this expansion marks the company’s impressive entry into its eleventh country in just two years, offering attendant-free entertainment solutions with this interactive roller coaster.

The company says the ROCO machines are renowned for their engaging user interfaces, designed to transform public spaces such as shopping centres, airports, and event centres into vibrant activity hubs. By increasing foot traffic and potential revenue without the need for onsite staff, ROCO says its machines provide a win-win solution for venue owners and visitors alike.

“We are thrilled to bring ROCO to Norway, a country known for embracing innovative solutions in public spaces,” said Malin Kemi, Sales Manager of INNTQ AB.

“Our expansion is not just about growing our footprint; it’s about enriching people’s daily environments in a meaningful way. ROCO machines are designed to deliver exciting experiences that are both accessible and engaging for all age groups, making every visit to a venue memorable.”

With a strong focus on technological innovation INNTQ says it continues to lead the way in the interactive entertainment industry and as the company progresses with its European rollout, it remains dedicated to its mission of enhancing public spaces.

Company info: INNTQ AB