24 Jul 2024

Industrial radio remote control

New Allgon empowers Åkerströms and Tele Radio by consolidating research and development resources

Allgon, parent company of Åkerströms and Tele Radio, says it is setting a milestone towards becoming the global leader in industrial radio remote control and future machine communication solutions.

As of 1 July 2023, the Research & Development Department, Product Management and Product Compliance of Åkerströms and Tele Radio are merging into the new Allgon Group. By consolidating resources in the new Allgon facilities in Gothenburg, Björbo and Malaga, the company says it can build a solid foundation for innovation and customer value for all incorporated brands.

The brand name Allgon represents over 70 years of innovations in wireless communication. It was once the global leader in the production of antennas for mobile phones and other uses. Now Allgon says it is reinventing its wireless heritage by providing groundbreaking end-to-end product solutions, technologies, and services in the field of wireless equipment control and machine communication for Tele Radio and Akerstroms. By realigning its resources, the Allgon Group says it is striving for operational excellence in the long term for all brands.

Ola Samelius, CEO of Allgon Group says: “We are on a journey. I am proud that we can build upon the great heritage of Allgon. We are committed to enabling customers through innovative wireless solutions, industrial remote-control technology, and services that contribute to a safer and more efficient work environment.”

The full transformation into the new Allgon will be visible in the new Allgon website that will go live in mid-July.

Company info: Allgon