12 Jul 2024

Improved communication interfaces for advanced industrial temperature measurements

Ametek Land has relaunched its market-leading SPOT pyrometer range with enhanced features and benefits for a wide range of industrial applications

AMETEK Land has announced it has relaunched its market-leading SPOT pyrometer range with enhanced features and benefits for a wide range of industrial applications.


The company says the new SPOT+ family offers a wide range of temperature measurements from 50 to 3500 °C (122 to 6332 °F) and a choice of different wavelengths for applications including metals, glass, cement and lime kilns and foundries. The range includes monochromatic and ratio pyrometers, fibre optic heads and sophisticated algorithm pyrometers for complex materials such as aluminium and galvanised steel. 


AMETEK Land says a wide range of new communications interfaces makes the SPOT+ ideal for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) factory automation applications in addition to traditional 4-20 mA signals. Ethernet/IP, REST API and Modbus TCP/IP are standard on SPOT+, and an integrated web server provides easy access for control and setup using a standard browser. Upgraded cybersecurity functions reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access to the instrument functions. 


An integrated video camera provides a visible light process view alongside infrared temperature measurement, which allows sighting to be carried out safely and easily. As the video images are available via the webserver and AMETEK Land’s IMAGEPro software, alignment can be checked remotely and images logged for quality purposes. 


The SPOT+ can be used in the harshest of environmental conditions, and in hazardous area zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 when mounted in LAND’s high-specification EXSH enclosure. With response times down to 1ms, SPOT+ pyrometers are also suitable for fast-moving processes.


AMETEK Land says its SPOT pyrometers are built on extensive research and development and have always been at the leading edge of measurement technology. The new SPOT+ enhancements offer improved connectivity for easy integration with control systems, and the confidence that data transmission is secure. Upgraded electronic and electromechanical components ensure highly reliable and accurate operations, all backed by our 36-month warranty and supported by a range of extensive accessories for installations in the most demanding applications.


Dr Fiona Turner, Head of Product Management said: “The principles of infra-red temperature measurement don’t change, but over the last 10 years, there have been significant advances in automation and industrial ethernet. Customer focus on product quality and process efficiency has driven an interest in big data – and a risk of cyberattacks.


“I’m excited about the potential from using SPOT+ instruments for background temperature and emissivity correction of thermal imaging systems in IMAGEPro software. SPOT+ pyrometers provide more than just temperature measurements – emissivity outputs are key indicators of product surface quality, and the facility to log visible light process images alongside infra-red temperature measurement provides new insights into process conditions and product quality.”

Company info: AMETEK Land