15 Jun 2024

High Performance Edge AI Processor

Ravi Annavajjhala, CEO, Kinara and ENERZAi CEO Daniel Chang

Kinara, a developer of AI processors and a comprehensive software development suite for edge computing applications, has announced its partnership with ENERZAi, a developer of solutions to compress and optimise AI models for cost-effective and power-efficient edge AI applications.

Kinara says while its Ara-1 Edge AI processor already delivers ground-breaking performance using state-of-the-art AI models, the partnership with ENERZAi will help joint customers achieve a significant performance increase and reduction in memory requirements for a wide range of smart retail, smart city, and industrial applications.

The company says its Ara-1 Edge AI proprietary AI processor delivers an unprecedented trifecta of performance, power efficiency, and affordability, making it an ideal solution for camera-based applications, spanning from smart retail to driver-monitoring systems, as well as smart city, drone, and factory automation applications.

While renowned for its ability to perform real-time video analytics, Ara-1 also features natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, catering to the growing market for voice-controlled applications. Kinara says its unparalleled development tools offer customers a highly versatile, comprehensive, and robust set of resources to effectively convert their neural network models into highly optimised computation graphs, all while streamlining deployment onto the Ara-1 chip.

ENERZAi CEO Daniel Chang said, “While our ENERZAi model compression technology is architecture agnostic, Kinara’s AI processor provides a compelling advantage for customers that require an optimised combination of performance, energy, and cost.

To showcase this significant capability, we created a low-light enhancement demonstration that relates to fast camera, low-light image enhancement – a function that typically requires a very large and computationally intensive model. Running this demonstration on the Kinara processor, along with our model compression technology, created great synergy to significantly improve frame rates, which will satisfy our customers’ challenging edge AI requirements.”

“The model optimisation capability of ENERZAi technology provides a great complement to the Kinara Ara-1 AI processor by taking AI models and reducing the number of parameters and the computational loading,” said Ravi Annavajjhala, CEO, Kinara. “This combination provides our customers with the best of both worlds – a high performance AI processor and optimised AI models better targeted for resource-constrained edge AI applications.”

Company info: Kinara