19 Jul 2024

High-performance computing

Advantech Unveils the EI-53 Compact Edge System: Empowering Versatile Industries with High-Performance Computing & Extensive I/O Connectivity

Advantech, a leading provider of AIoT platforms and services, has announced the introduction of the EI-53 edge computing system.

The company says the EI-53 is powered by 13th Gen Intel Core Mobile processors with up to 10 cores and DDR5 5200MHz dual-channel memory up to a maximum capacity of 64GB. It also features high-performance Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics. Not just a compact system, the EI-53’s robust computing capability can seamlessly integrate with pre-installed software tailored for industrial applications. It features the Advantech SUSI API for GPIO, CANBUS access, DeviceOn for OTA updates, remote monitoring, and real-time management, and ready with Ubuntu 22.04. Additionally, a robotics software package expedites robotics applications, complemented by a pre-built Robotics SDK. With its high-performance computing, extensive I/O connectivity and integrated software packages, the EI-53 caters to semiconductor equipment, robotics & AMR, and energy storage applications, supporting industry standard protocols. Notably, it clinched the IoT Edge Computing Excellence Award from IoT Evolution World, the leading website covering the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace.

The EI-53 is equipped with a range of versatile I/O ports including 2 x CANBus, 3 x RS-232/422/485, 2 x LAN (with one up to 2.5G), 6 x USB, and DI/O. It optimally utilises its space to accommodate an M.2 M-key 2280 / E-Key 2230 / B-key 3042&3052, allowing for advanced LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, and AI module connectivity.

In terms of display interfaces, the EI-53 supports dual 4K lockable HDMI 2.0b, with ultra-high 4096 x 2160 resolution, further enhanced by Intel Iris Xe graphics. These abundant I/O options meet the robust demand for various types of connectivity.

Advantech says the EI-53 is purposefully crafted for seamless remote management through its integrated Advantech DeviceOn software. This software streamlines centralised management, data integration, real-time monitoring, and OTA updates for both software and firmware batches. Furthermore, the SUSI API acts as a bridge, simplifying and enhancing the synergy between hardware and software. It provides system protection, device monitoring, I/O control, and application extension on Advantech platforms.

The system comes preconfigured with a Robotics SDK, easing the development process for robotics applications. It supports toolkits such as Rviz, Movelt, and NAV2 on Linux. Finally, as an Ubuntu Ready System, it ensures security updates, tri-weekly CVE maintained, and 5 years of Long-term Support (LTS). These features collectively position the Advantech EI-53 as an ideal choice for robotics and AMR applications.

Advantech says the EI-53 features an aluminium alloy design which is also fan-less to avoid dust accumulation and it dissipates heat via a highly efficient heatsink that dissipates 34.9% more heat than previous models. Along with its essential protection, EI-53 boasts an impressive operating temperature range of -20°C~60°C (-4°F~140°F) and accommodates a 12~24VDC power input range. This facilitates reliable operation in a wide array of industrial environments. Furthermore, it adheres to the IEC 61000-6-4 and 61000-6-2 standards for heavy industry. In addition, its Phoenix connector makes it easy to deploy while its shock and vibration resistance makes it conducive to outdoor use for applications such as a battery storage controller for an industrial energy storage cabinet.


Company info: Advantech